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這頁有多款海鮮選擇給我們海鮮愛好者。 各種各樣的魚扒非常適合炒,炸和烘烤。 如果魚不在您的購物清單上,我們還提供其他類型的海鮮,例如蝦,龍蝦尾,鮑魚等等。 想知如何從這些產品中做出美味佳餚,請點擊我們的飲食專㯗。

This page include many seafood options for our seafood lovers. There are a variety of fish filets that are great for stir frying and baking. If fish isn't on your shopping list, we also offer other types of seafood, such as shrimps, lobster tails, abalone and much more. For cooking tips on how to make delicious meals out of these products, click over to our recipe page.

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